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Why Us?

Sierra Hotel Models brings a new approach to aftermarket accessories by embracing new pattern technology and design.

On board the SHM team are a host of talented pattern makers, designers, and “hands on” technical advisors.

SHM’s primary goal is to provide the most accurate and complete accessory sets for the modern Modeler.

About Sierra Hotel Models

Sierra Hotel Models is the creation of Mike Valdez and Curtis Stidham. SHM was started by Modelers for Modelers. Over the years, Mike and Curt have noticed many voids in the modeling realm that have yet to be addressed, done correctly, or have been discontinued from other manufactures. Not to mention there are those Oldie but Goodie kits like Revell & Monogram, which receive little attention in this day and age of the industry.

There are some really interesting accessory, correction, and conversion sets planned for the near future. With that projection, it should be noted that Sierra Hotel Models is a 2-man operation, so the production volume will not be as vast as the larger mainstream companies.

Stay tuned for more Sierra Hotel Models information and updates on the Zone-Five modeling forum. We have a host of excellent products on the way!


Curt Stidham & Mike Valdez

Sierra Hotel Models LLC