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News & Events

News & Events


Posted by [email protected] on March 3, 2013 at 9:05 PM

What a great time we had at the Nationals this year. While we had a lot of fun, it’s good to be back home. It was really nice talking to modelers and venders alike. We received a lot of positive feedback from our new products. In addition to Sierra Hotel Models products, we were also carrying Muroc Models kits and accessories which were quite popular as always. Dave is working on more 48th F-8C conversions for all those who’ve been asking.

Quite an effort by the Sierra Hotel Models team went into bringing these new items out in time for the Nationals. Erik, Pat, Curt, and I pushed through some late nights to make it happen and the results were well worth it. All our new 32nd scale sets sold out and nearly all our 48th products as well.

Unfortunately we were unable to bring some of the items planned for the Nationals like the 32nd F-15 Wheels, 32nd F-16 wheel sets, and the 48th F-18 Legacy Hornet intakes. These will become available as soon as we the new 32nd scale F-4 and A-10 accessories are out. Our 48th scale F-15 and F-16 wheels have been reworked will be following the 32nd scale wheels.

Here’s a look at the items we had at the Orlando Nationals.

48th Scale

-F-16 ACES II Seat (Common, Stowed Harnesses) & Rail - Tamiya

-F-16 ACES II Seat (Common, Crew ready Harnesses) & Rail - Tamiya

-F-16 ACES II Seat (Late, Loose Harnesses) & Rail - Tamiya

-F-16 ACES II Seat (Early, Loose Harnesses) & Rail - Tamiya

-F-16C/CJ Cockpit Update set: Seat, Glare shield, and HUD - Tamiya

-F-22 Corrected Nose/Radome

-F-22 Corrected Stabs

-New tooled S-3 Inlets



32nd scale:

-A-10 Corrected Inlets/Fans and Exhaust set

-A-10 Corrected Inlets/Fans set

-F-4E Corrected Full Run Seamless Intakes for Revell

-F-4E Corrected Nose/Radome for Revell

-F-4E J-79 Long Nozzle Exhaust for Revell & Tamiya

-F-4G Conversion Set for Revell

-F-4 USAF/FMS Full Run Seamless Intakes for Tamiya

-F-4 NAVY/Marines Full Run Seamless Intakes for Tamiya

-F/A-18A-D Seamless Intakes

On Display in prototype form: (some not pictured)

-QF-4E/G & QRF-4C Conversion Parts

-F-4 Corrected Nose strut w/NLG Wheels – Revell

-F-100A Wheels and Tires (in 48th also)

-F-100C/D Wheels and Tires (in 48th also)

-Skyraider Wheel and tires

-ALQ 101 Pod (1st Gen)

-Pave TAC Pod

-ATFLIR & Corrected ATFLIR Pylon – Trumpeter

-LAU-129 with ALE-50 Pylon – F-16

-LAU-128 with ADU-552 adapter – F-15

-ALQ-167 Pod


As you can see we had a lot of new releases début at this year’s Nationals, as well as samples of future items. I would like to thank all those who came by our table to meet with us and talk about the hobby and aircraft interest. We’re always game for that! There was a lot of activity around the displays of future products. The new 32nd scale accessories proved to be quite popular, as were the new ACES II Seats and F-16C Cockpit Upgrade for the Tamiya kit.

We will be listing the ACES II seats and cockpit upgrade sets first, followed by the 32nd A-10 and F-4 accessories. Naturally, the 48th Legacy Hornet Intakes will be placed into the lineup, as these have been long sought after. F-16 and F-15 wheels will be available by October, so hang in there. We’re also expecting the next batch of F-22 corrections; Stabs and Vertical tails by mid-September. There will be announcements made when the new (and previously announced) products are available from the website.

For those who purchased our 32nd A-10 and F-4 accessories at the Nationals, the instructions will soon be posted to the SHM website under “Product Instructions”. Future A-10 and F-4 sets will have printed instructions included, if warranted.

Thanks again for all your patience and patronage.


Mike Valdez

Curt Stidham

Sierra Hotel Models


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