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News & Events

Coming Soon

Posted by [email protected] on April 6, 2013 at 4:05 PM

Coming soon; 48th F/A-18A/B Vertical tails for the Hasegawa kit. These will allow you to convert the Hasegawa Legacy F/A-18C or D into an A or B. We also went the extra effort to include an MV lens for the starboard TE light.


48th F/A-18A-D Intakes for the Hasegawa kit. Pictured on our Home page, these are the masters dry fitted to the lower fuselage. We went through great lengths to provide the best possible fit of the Legacy Hornet Intakes. We will definitely keep you guys up to date on this project!


48th & 32nd F-16 Early Block 1-32 Wheel Set. There will be two different structure types of the early Block 1-32 wheels. A set will be specifically sized for the 48th Hasegawa and Academy kits, which scale slightly smaller in the gear assembly.


72nd, 48th & 32nd F-15A Early Wheel Set, with complete brake assembly. There will be two tread options available and possibly tire makes. CAD designed using TO references and dimensions taken from the actual F-15 wheels, these will be the first truly accurate F-15A wheels to enter the market, as they’re long overdue!


Not too far down the road:


48th Full Run Seamless F-16 NSI & MCID Intake ducts, for Kinetic & Tamiya F-16s. That’s right “Seamless” F-16 Intake Ducts, which will save you loads of time filling and fairing in the seams, which for the Kinetic kit is truly a painstaking task.


48th Corrected F-22 Vertical Tails and Stabs; for the Academy kit. You will be able to replace the kit’s way-too thin stabs and vertical tails, which are about 10 “scale” inches too short.


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