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Frequently Asked Questions

As our product line expands, there will be available items listed out of numerical sequence, within any given category. There may also be instances where there will be a stock number displayed without nomenclature, other than a “Coming Soon”. This is a result of grouping common subject accessories which have pre-assigned stock numbers. Most of these items are either in work or projected for future release. Also note an item can be discontinued at any time and the stock number reassigned to another accessory or set. SHM will announce in advance, of any item slotted to be discontinued.

The SHM stock numbering system is based off of a categorized group model. Similar type accessories are grouped together for a more practical means of search and organization. We felt this is a better approach for the customer than the typical “run-on” stock numbering system, which over time creates longer search times scrolling through multiple stock items.

SHM Stock Numbering; Here’s how it works:

Here’s a sample stock number 48101; General Airframe & Flight Control Accessories.

The first two digits “48” is the Scale Identifier. The third digit “1” is the “Category” number which represents the type category in the hundreds; 48100, 48200, 48300 etc…. The last two digits is the sequence stock number, which obviously advances with each additional item of that category. The categories remain the same in all 3 scales.

Sierra Hotel Models Category Descriptions

72100/48100/32100 – General Airframe & Flight Control Accessories

In this category you will find accessories and/or correction sets which are Flight Control surfaces and Exterior Airframe related. This includes examples like; Leading Edge Flaps/Trailing Edge Flaps, Flaps, Ailerons, Rudder, Vertical Tails, Horizontal Tail/Stabilators, Folded Wings, Radome/Nose Cone, Leading Edge Extensions, Spoilers, and Speedbrakes...

72200/48200/32200 – Cockpits and Crew Station Accessories

This category is designated for all items crew station related. This includes Cockpits, Canopies, Windscreen, Crew Ladders, Ejection Seats, Crew Seats, Instrument Panels, and Glare Shields

72300/48300/32300 – Landing Gear, Wheels, & Wheel Wells

Items in this category will consist of landing gear related sets such as: Main Landing Gear (MLG), Nose Landing Gear (NLG) Struts, MLG/NLG Doors, Wheel Wells, Wheel/Tire sets. Note that some wheel wells (fully detailed or not) may be included with our full run intake assemblies.

72400/48400/32400 – Intakes and Inlets

Here you will find our signature Intake and Inlet sets. Our intakes and inlets range from full run duct(s), full run intake duct assemblies, to engine nacelle inlet assemblies with molded in engine fans. All of our intake ducts and intake assemblies include detailed Engine Fan/IGV (Inlet Guide Vane) sections of the appropriate engine type.

72500/48500/32500 – Conversions, Update, Detail, & Combination Sets

If looking to convert, update, backdate, and/or super detail a specific subject, then this is the category. Also included in Category 48500, are Airframe Combination and Dash 21 Equipment sets. Combo sets will include a combination of SHM accessories made for a specific model or subject. Dash 21 Equipment sets are aircraft accessories such as Intake/Exhaust Covers/Plugs, Pitot/Probe Covers, Ground Cord, Missile Covers, and Chocks. Look for these sets to be included as our product line expands.

72600/48600/32600 – Munitions, Pods, & Tanks

Sierra Hotel Models accessories that hang in a weapons bay or under a wing can be found here. Typical accessories you will see in this category are ECM Pods, ACMI Pods, LANTIRN/Targeting Pods, Travel Pods, External Wing Tanks, Pylons, Missile Rails/Adapters, CHAFF/Flare Modules, Missiles, LGB/GBU, AGM, and CBUs.

72700/48700/32700 – Engines & Exhaust

If it’s Engine and/or Engine Exhaust related, you will find it here. This includes Piston and Turbo prop engines accessories as well. Note that front (Turbine) Engine Fan/IGV (Inlet Guide Vane) sections are not included in this category unless it is part of a complete engine assembly, as these are typically included with our signature Intake and Inlets sets.

S-3 Engine Fan & Inlet Sets:

Note that the S-3 Fan and inlet/cowling is one piece. Only the "Made for Monogram" A-10 inlets have the separate fan at this time.

While we plan to eventually separate the fan from inlet on the HobbyBoss/Italeri A-10 engine inlets, we are not sure it will be practical with the S-3 Engine Fan Inlets assemblies; as per the trial runs we're made thus far.

There are 2 different S-3 TF-34 Engine types. Modeling wise this consist of the center cone only. The early S-3 engine fan center cone has a perimeter of small diameter cylindrical holes, while the late engine fan has notches; same as the A-10 TF-34 Engine Fan Center cone.

Each S-3 Engine Fan Inlet set includes "2" S-3 Engine Fan Inlet assemblies to complete one model. Also note that we do offer an S-3 Engine Fan Inlet set with one each of the early and late engine type, as it's still common to have an S-3 Viking configured with one of each TF-34 Engine type.