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Sierra Hotel Models Policy


We guarantee that our products will be shipped complete and free of defects. Please see our “Returns due to Defects” policy for more details. If any problem does occur, we will do our best to correct the problem as quick and efficiently as possible.


All prices, pictures, and descriptions on this site are subject to change. SHM maintains no responsibility for inadvertent errors. In the event of a typographical error on our site, SHM reserves the right to cancel or refuse orders at its sole discretion.


The Sierra Hotel Models stock number system differs quite a bit from standard stock number system most resin aftermarket consumers are accustomed to. In light of potential growth and better stock management, our stock numbering system is grouped in specific categories. Each specific category will dictate each product stock number series, according to their grouping. All categories are numbered by scale first, then by a prime 3rddigit number; most of which are based after real military aircraft systems. For example; 32300 covers all 1/32nd scale Landing Gear and LG Wheel Well accessories. Please take the time to read the category descriptions (under the products link) to get familiar with our system.

Please note that there will be available items which will be out of numerical sequence. These will normally show a stock number with no nomenclature, other than a “Coming Soon” notation. This is a result of grouping common subject accessories that are either in work or projected as a future release.


All transactions will be paid through PayPal®. Money Orders (No Checks) will be accepted on a case by case basis if the customer does not have a PayPal®Account.

Please contact: [email protected] for money order payment inquires.


Unfortunately, a resin aftermarket accessory or a kit is not always perfect in fit and/or 100% accurate. This is not a defect. A resin accessory item is considered defective if it is “short-shot” (not fully formed), has multiple pin holes, bee-bee cists, and/or is deformed. Broken parts are parts which have broken away anywhere but from its sprue attach point. Missing parts are parts called out in the instructions by photo, number, and/or nomenclature, which are not included inside the box or package.


Procedures on returns may vary depending on the nature and condition of the item being returned. If a part is missing, broken, or defective, there is no need to return the entire kit or package. We will replace missing items, just provide an invoice number. In the case of defective and broken items, we may request the return of that item before a replacement is made. We request the return of all “Defective Parts” to track trends and possible problems with the resin casting procedures. This will help ensure the quality level of future resin accessories produced by Sierra Hotel Models.

Contact SHM by email when inquiring/initiating a refund or return

All returned items must be returned in saleable condition.

Only items returned to SHM due to our error will be exchanged for serviceable replacement part(s).

Complete set(s) returns with the intent of “refund” must be returned in the original packaging.

All sets and/or parts are required to be shipped in a padded envelope or small sturdy box.

Approved refunds will be credited to the customer’s PayPal account or SHM Check reimbursement for orders paid by Money Order.

SHM will also reimburse postage if the return item/set is due to our mistake.

All returns must be accompanied by the invoice of order originally made through SHM.

We do not accept returns via COD or any other collection method. COD packages will be refused. Packages billing SHM without authorization will be refused unless prior arrangements have been made.

Note:All returns must be initiated no less than 45 days after purchase. All returns initiated after 45 days from purchase will be handled on a case by case basis. Replacements and/or refunds cannot be guaranteed after the 45 day period.


All “Domestic”orders will be shipped Priority Mail with delivery confirmation.

Shipping for the first 4 items is $5.00,

5 or more items over will be $8.00

Orders over $100.00 will be shipped free of shipping charge to US, APO, and FPO addresses only.

Overseas/Foreign orders will be shipped at actually cost and require insurance or registered receipt. Due to high loss rates, we cannot ship to the following destinations: China, Singapore, Cuba, South Africa, Italy, and most middle-eastern countries. We advise contacting us direct for inquiries on foreign ordering.

NOTE: Additional shipping fees may be required for extra large sized Items.


SHM values the privacy of its online customers. We have established this section to explain how SHM handles private information collected from its customers.

E-mail addresses are collected only for the purpose of processing orders and for providing informative updates if the customer has requested it or has join the SHM email listing. After joining our email list, you can opt out at any time by using the Contact Us page.

We DO NOT provide, share, sell or rent your e-mail address, phone number, address or any payment information to any other company or individual.